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14.4.7. Intonation

In order to use the Intonation exercises, you must install the "Csound" application. See Section 14.1.4, “Optional Installation: Csound” for instructions to install Csound.
  1. Click on "Intonation"
  2. All of the exercises test an ascending perfect fifth. The closer the number is to 1.0, the less the difference when it is out-of-tune.
  3. Click "New" to get a new question.
  4. The interval will automatically play.
  5. Click "Repeat" to repeat the interval.
  6. You must choose whether the second tone is flat (the interval is too small), in tune (the interval is the right size), or sharp (the interval is too large).
  7. When you are sure of your answer, click the corresponding button.
  8. To get the next question, click "New."