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14.4.4. Rhythm

This is dictation or play-back. The rhythms described in this section use the "takadimi" rhythm system, which is explained in The Takadimi Article, available at Use the rhythm system you prefer.
For Rhythmic Dictation:
  1. Click "Rhythm"
  2. Choose which subcategory:
    • Rhythms (easy) is: quarter, 2x eighths, 4x sixteenths
    • Rhythms is: those plus ka-di-mi, ta-ka-mi, ta-ka-di, ta-mi, and ta-ka
    • Rhythms (difficult) is: those plus rests and triplets
    • Rhythms in 3/4 is: compound metre everything
  3. Click "New" to get a new question
  4. Click the buttons above the "Play" button to input the rhythm-units, in order from start to finish
  5. Use paper to work it out
  6. If you make a mistake inputting, use the "Backspace" button
  7. You can "Repeat" to hear it again - not too many times!
  8. You can change the difficulty by increasing the number of beats per question, on "Config" tab
  9. If you get a question wrong, you will have a chance to correct it; the incorrect parts are underlined for you in red
For Rhythmic Tap-Back, see above section "Singing Exercises."