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14.4. Using the Exercises

14.4.1. Listening

  1. Open the software
  2. It is at the "Front Page"
  3. Decide which type of exercise to do
  4. Decide which sub-section to focus on
  5. Click "New" or "New Interval" or whatever to get the first question
  6. On some exercises, you need to click "new" whenever you want a new one
  7. Some exercises can be configured to automatically provide a new question when you correctly answer the previous one
  8. After hearing each exercise, try to make a correct identification.
  9. If you need to hear the exercise again, do it.
  10. It is good to limit the number of times you listen.
  11. Select what you think is the correct choice.
  12. Go to the next question, which may be automatic for some questions. You may want to pre-select a number of seconds to wait before progressing to the next question.