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6.2. Stages of Recording

There are three main stages involved in the the process of recording something and preparing it for listeners: recording, mixing, and mastering. Each step of the process has distinct characteristics, yet they can sometimes be mixed together.

6.2.1. Recording

Recording is the process of capturing audio regions (also called "clips" or "segments") into the DAW software, for later processing. Recording is a complex process, involving a microphone that captures sound energy, translates it into electrical energy, and transmits it to an audio interface. The audio interface converts the electrical energy into digital signals, and sends it through the operating system to the DAW software. The DAW stores regions in memory and on the hard drive as required. Every time the musicians perform some (or all) of the performance to be recorded, while the DAW is recording, it is considered to be a take. A successful recording usually requires several takes, due to the inconsistencies of musical performance and of the related technological aspects.