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4.3. Speakup

Speakup is a screen review package written by Kirk Reiser and Andy Berdan and is available under a free license. Speakup gives users with visual or mobility impairments the ability to have audible console feedback using a speech synthesizer. Speakup is useful to blind users because it provides an audible installation and is fully supported by the blind open source community.
Speakup works with the following hardware synthesizers:
  • DoubleTalk PC and DoubleTalk LT
  • LiteTalk
  • Accent PC and Accent SA
  • Speakout
  • Artic Transport
  • Audapter
  • Braille 'N Speak and Type 'N Speak
  • Dectalk External and Dectalk Express
  • Apollo2
For more information about Speakup, or to contribute to the Speakup project visit: