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Revision History

Revision History
Revision 16.0Tue 8 Nov 2011Eric Christensen
Branched for Fedora 16.
Revision 0.14-1Wed Apr 21 2010Gerard Ryan
Fixed Revision History
Added information on Indic Onscreen Keyboard.
Added information on Florence Virtual Keyboard.
Added information on Jovie for KDE.
Added information on XFCE and Sugar Desktops.
Revision 0.13-1Wed Apr 21 2010Gerard Ryan
Grammar updates.
Revision 0.12-1Mon Mar 06 2010Joseph Allen
Updated section 4.3.2 to fix inconsistent instructions.
Revision 0.11-1Sat Nov 28 2009Eric Christensen
Commented out Emacspeak sections that still need work.
Changed to be the official version for Fedora 12.
Revision 0.10-1Sat Nov 28 2009Susan Lauber
Made some minor readability, grammar, and style edits.
Added a number of markup additions for consistency.
Added information on enabling Orca in GNOME to the Screen_Readers section.
Added information on GNOME Magnifier to the Screen_Magnifiers section.
Moved On Screen Keyboards to their own section to clean up Other Tools.
Added information on gok (GNOME On-Screen Keyboard).
Revision 0.9-1Sun Nov 22 2009Eric Christensen
Added Gnome features Dasher and Caribou.
Commented out dated information on how Red Hat and Fedora had or had not tested some of the FOSS solutions.
Revision 0.8-1Mon Nov 09 2009Eric Christensen
Modified the "screen readers" section.
Removed link to KMouseTools and it was broken.
Revision 0.7-1Sun Nov 08 2009Susan Lauber
Various style edits (tense, spelling, etc.)
Added markup for menuitems
Revision 0.6-1Sun Nov 08 2009Eric Christensen
Created "Mouse Tools" section, moved KMouseTools to that section, and added Mousetweaks.
Added GNOME information in the "Desktops" section.
Added comments to Tools.xml for further editing.
Revision 0.5-1Wed Nov 07 2009Eric Christensen
Created "Other Tools" section and added BRLTTY, KMouth, and KMouseTool to that section.
Created "Screen Magnifiers" section and added KMagnifier.
Created "Desktops" section and added KDE. This section will include specific Desktop accessibility controls.
Revision 0.4-1Wed Nov 04 2009Eric Christensen
Combined Speakup and Emacspeak into the Screen Readers section.
Revision 0.3-1Thu Aug 20 2009Rüdiger Landmann
Extra XML markup.
Revision 0.2-1Thu Aug 20 2009Eric Christensen
Updated links and added information on Emacspeak.
Revision 0.1-1Thu Aug 6 2009Eric Christensen
Publicanized all information in the Accessibility Guide