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4. Screen Readers

Screen readers are important accessibility tools that allow a person with limited vision to have the computer read what is on the screen. There are numerous solutions that provide this service. This section covers some of the ones available to Fedora users.

4.1. Orca for GNOME

GNOME supplies its own screen reader, Orca. This package is installed by default on all Fedora systems. Additional information on Orca may be found by visiting
To enable Orca you may run orca from the command line. This first time you will be asked a number of preference questions. After the initial configuration, run orca a second time to start orca. The graphical application which starts has options for changing the preferences, quitting the program, and obtaining help. During the initial setup, the questions are also said allow as they are displayed in the terminal.
Alternately, from the graphical menus select System > Preferences > Assistive Technologies and check the box labeled "Enable Assistive Technologies" then click Preferred Applications to ensure that either Orca or Orca and Magnifier is selected.