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7.3. Florence

Florence is an extensible, scalable, virtual keyboard, whose sole requirement is a pointing device.
Once enabled, Florence displays an icon in the notification area on the GNOME Panel. Florence can be sent to the background when it is not needed, making it a practical solution for screens of all sizes. To toggle whether Florence is displayed or hidden, just click the icon. Alternatively, Florence can be set to autohide until an editable area is selected. Florence can also be configured easily to be transparent, through the Preferences dialogue. To edit all available Preferences, right-click on the icon on the GNOME Panel, and choose Preferences from the dropdown list.
Additional information on Florence Virtual Keyboard can be found at the project's homepage, Once Florence is installed, to view full documentation right-click on the icon on the GNOME Panel, and choose Help from the dropdown menu.

7.3.1. Installing Florence

Florence is available in the fedora package repositories; to install either select System > Administration > Add/Remove Software on the GNOME Desktop and then type florence in the window that pops up, or type su -c "yum install florence" in a terminal window.