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10.2.3. Install with Qsynth

We recommend this installation method for most users. Follow these instructions to install everything you need for FluidSynth.
  1. Use PackageKit or KPackageKit to install the qsynth package.
  2. Review and approve the proposed installation. If you did not previously install the fluid-soundfont-gm packge, PackageKit will install it now. The fluid-soundfont-gm package is approximately 142 MB.
If you wish to use FluidSynth from a terminal emulator, without the Qsynth graphical interface, you can enable this capability by installing the fluidsynth package. You do not need fluidsynth if you will use the Qsynth graphical interface. If you are unsure whether you want the fluidsynth package, you can safely install it, even if you never use it. It only uses a small amount of hard drive space.