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4.2. Deciding Whether to Use Planet CCRMA at Home

4.2.1. Exclusive Software

The only useful reason to install an additional repository is if you intend to install and use its software. The only software application covered in this guide, which is available exclusively from the Planet CCRMA at Home repository, is "SuperCollider". The Planet CCRMA repository also offers many other audio-related software applications, many of which are available from the default Fedora Project repositories.
Most of the audio software currently available in the default Fedora repositories was initially available in Fedora from the Planet CCRMA at Home repository. Sometimes, an updated version of an application is available from the Planet CCRMA repository before it is available from the Fedora Updates repository. If you need the newer software version, then you should install the Planet CCRMA repository.
This is also a potential security weakness, for users who install the Planet CCRMA repository, but do not install any of its software. When "yum" finds a newer version of an installed application, it will be installed, regardless of the repository. This may happen to you without you noticing, so that you begin using Planet CCRMA software without knowing it.