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12.4. Configure Frescobaldi

You can use Frescobaldi without further configuration. We recommend you review the settings listed here, because you may use the application more easily.
  1. From the Frescobaldi menu, choose SettingsConfigure Frescobaldi
  2. If you want Frescobaldi to save your score automatically before you run LilyPond: check "Save document when LilyPond is run" located in "General Preferences."
  3. If you want to change the applications that Frescobaldi uses, choose Paths.
    • Note

      You do not need to fill every field.
    • If you use GNOME, we recommend you set the "PDF Viewer" to evince. Frescobaldi will use Evince when you choose Open PDF. The Open PDF button is only visible after you create a score.
    • If you want to play a LilyPond MIDI file, fill in the "MIDI Player" field. You can use timidity++ to convert the MIDI file into a sound file. You can use pmidi (from the Planet CCRMA at Home repository--see Chapter 4, Planet CCRMA at Home for information). Use a terminal emulator to view the man help page for timidity++ or pmidi.
    • If you do not want to download the LilyPond help files whenever Frescobaldi uses them:
      • Install the lilypond-doc package. This package takes a long time to download.
      • Write /usr/share/doc/lilypond-doc-2.14.2/index.html in the "LilyPond documentation" field.
      • You must update this path when LilyPond is updated. By default, PackageKit will only download the changed documentation with each update, so only the first installation will have a long download.
  4. The options for the "Editor Component" are the same as those for KWrite or Kate. If you change settings for Frescboaldi, they do not also change for KWrite or Kate.
    • We recommend that you turn off auto-completion. Select the Editing component, then the Auto Completion tab, then ensure that both check-boxes are un-marked
    • You may want to change other settings here; highly-flexible, customizable, powerful; applies only in Frescobaldi