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12.3. Requirements and Installation

Use PackageKit or KPackageKit to install the lilypond package. Review the dependencies carefully. You will see many packages called lilypond-*-fonts.
You can use LilyPond from the command line. Run lilypond in a terminal emulator.
We recommend that you use the Frescobaldi text editor with LilyPond. Frescobaldi has many features specifically for LilyPond.

12.3.1. Learn about Frescobaldi

Frescobaldi is an advanced text editor specifically for LilyPond source files. The Frescobaldi user interface simplifies the task of creating and editing musical scores in LilyPond. Here are some benefits of Frescobaldi:
  • The Frescobaldi text-editing component, PDF-preview component, and help file viewer are the same as common applications you may already know (Kate/KWrite, Okular, and Konqueror).
  • The Frescobaldi user interface allows you to view the LilyPond source file and the PDF output or a LilyPond help document at the same time.
  • You can setup a new score quickly with the "Setup new score" tool. The "Setup new score" tool offers several advanced customization features.
  • You can insert articulation, trill, and other musical symbols with the "Quick Insert" sidebar on the left side of the Frescobaldi window. You do not need to consult a LilyPond reference file to remember the correct command because Frescobaldi remembers for you.
  • The LilyPond menu in Frescobaldi offers many tools to adjust and troubleshoot your score files.
  • You can input notes with a MIDI keyboard, listen to the MIDI output of a LilyPond score, and print the PDF file of your score from within Frescobaldi.