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8.2. Configuration

Qtractor works without further configuration. This section describes settings that you may want to change. Choose ViewOptions to open the "Options" window.

8.2.1. Use Qtractor with JACK (QjackCtl)

The same developer (Rui Nuno Capela) maintains QjackCtl, Qsynth, and Qtractor. Therefore, we recommend that you use Qtractor with QjackCtl and Qsynth.
Qtractor does some of the same things as QjackCtl. For example, Qtractor automatically starts JACK with the same settings as the last time you used QjackCtl. Also, Qtractor remembers the JACK connections that you use with every Qtractor file. If you want to change the JACK settings, you must use QjackCtl.


The Qtractor "Connections" window looks similarly to the QjackCtl "Connections" window, but they are not the same. Connections on the "MIDI" tab in Qtractor appear on the "ALSA" tab in QjackCtl. Connections on the "MIDI" tab in QjackCtl are not available in Qtractor.
Qtractor does not automatically control Qsynth or FluidSynth.