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9.2.2. Setup Rosegarden

Follow the instructions in Section 9.2.1, “Setup JACK and FluidSynth (Qsynth)” to setup JACK and Qsynth. Then follow these instructions to connect Rosegarden with JACK and Qsynth.
  1. Choose EditPreferences from the Rosegarden menu.
  2. Setup "General" as desired:
    • On the "Behaviour" tab. Select "Use JACK Transport" if you want Rosegarden to follow instructions from the transport shown in QjackCtl.
    • On the "External Applications" tab. If you are not using KDE then we recommend that you change these applications to match what is installed on your computer.
  3. Setup "MIDI" as desired. For the "MIDI Sync" tab:
    • Choose "Send MIDI Clock, Start and Stop" if Rosegarden controls all other MIDI devices.
    • Choose "Accept Start, Stop and Continue" if Rosegarden accepts control signals from other MIDI devices.
    • Choose "Off" if you do not understand which option to choose.
  4. Setup "Audio" as desired:
    • The preview scale changes the way Rosegarden looks, but not how the audio sounds.
    • If Rosegarden performs slowly on your computer, reduce quality from 32-bit to 16-bit. We do not recommend using 16-bit quality unless you need it, because you will have lower-quality audio.
    • Choose a different external editor if you do not want to use the default choice (Audacity).