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Revision History
Revision 16.1-1Tue 7 August 2012Eric Christensen
Fixed LUKS URL (BZ 846299)
Revision 16.0-1Fri September 09 2011Eric Christensen
Branched for Fedora 16.
Revision 14.3-1Sat Apr 02 2011Eric Christensen
Moved VPN text to the Encryption chapter and reformated.
Revision 14.2-1Wed Oct 20 2010Zach Oglesby
Added text for using Yubikey on Fedora with local authentication. (BZ 644999)
Revision 14.2-0Fri Oct 6 2010Eric Christensen
Removed all variables in the document source.
Revision 14.1-2Fri Oct 1 2010Eric Christensen
Corrected the link to the DISA Unix Checklist and updated link.
Revision 14.1-1Wed Jul 8 2010Eric Christensen
Added CVE chapter.
Revision 14.0-1Fri May 28 2010Eric Christensen
Branched for Fedora 14
Revision 13.0-7Fri May 14 2010Eric Christensen
Removed "bug" text from 7-Zip chapter per bug 591980.
Revision 13.0-6Wed Apr 14 2010Eric Christensen
Completed the encryption standards appendix.
Revision 13.0-5Fri Apr 09 2010Eric Christensen
Added "Using GPG with Alpine".
Added "Using GPG with Evolution".
Revision 13.0-4Tue Apr 06 2010Eric Christensen
Repaired issues regarding untranslatable text in para.
Revision 13.0-3Tue Apr 06 2010Eric Christensen
Removed the PackageKit vulnerability text seen in Fedora 12.
Revision 13.0-2Fri Nov 20 2009Eric Christensen
Added the Revision History to the end of the document.
Added the Encryption Standards appendix.
Revision 13.0-1Fri Nov 20 2009Eric Christensen
Fedora 13 branch.
Revision 1.0-23Thu Nov 19 2009Eric Christensen
Updated the section "Local users may install trusted packages" to the latest fix, again.
Revision 1.0-22Thu Nov 19 2009Eric Christensen
Updated the section "Local users may install trusted packages" to the latest fix.
Revision 1.0-21Wed Nov 18 2009Eric Christensen
Added section "Local users may install trusted packages".
Revision 1.0-20Sat Nov 14 2009Eric Christensen
Added information from Wikipedia to the Encryption Standards appendix.
Added Adam Ligas to the author page for his role in developing the 7-Zip portions.
Revision 1.0-19Mon Oct 26 2009Eric Christensen
Updated license to CC-BY-SA.
Revision 1.0-18Wed Aug 05 2009Eric Chrisetnsen
Fixed issues related to Bug 515043.
Revision 1.0-17Mon Jul 27 2009Eric Christensen
Repaired vendor information in SPEC.
Revision 1.0-16Fri Jul 24 2009Fedora Release Engineering
Rebuilt for
Revision 1.0-15Tue Jul 14 2009Eric Christensen
Added "desktop-file-utils" to BUILDREQUIRES on the spec
Revision 1.0-14Tue Mar 10 2009Scott Radvan
Remove more rhel specifics, major review and remove draft, ready for push
Revision 1.0-13Mon Mar 2 2009Scott Radvan
Lots of minor fixes
Revision 1.0-12Wed Feb 11 2009Scott Radvan
new screenshots from F11 replacing existing/older ones
Revision 1.0-11Tue Feb 03 2009Scott Radvan
LUKS specifics to Fedora 9 modified to include later releases as well.
Fix 404s in reference section, mainly bad NSA links.
minor formatting changes.
Revision 1.0-10Wed Jan 27 2009Eric Christensen
Fixed missing firewall setup screenshot.
Revision 1.0-9Wed Jan 27 2009Eric Christensen
Repaired items found to be incorrect during validation. Many Red Hat references have been changed to Fedora references.