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4.3.6. Creating a Yum Repository

To set up a Yum repository, follow these steps:
  1. Install the createrepo package:
    ~]# yum install createrepo
  2. Copy all of the packages into one directory, such as /mnt/local_repo/.
  3. Run the createrepo --database command on that directory:
    ~]# createrepo --database /mnt/local_repo

    Using the createrepo command on Fedora 5

    Because RPM packages for Fedora 16 are compressed using the XZ lossless data compression format, and may also be signed using alternative (and stronger) hash algorithms such as SHA-256, it is not possible to run createrepo on Fedora 5 to create the package metadata for Fedora 16 packages. The createrepo command relies on rpm to open and inspect the packages, and rpm on Fedora 5 is not able to open the improved Fedora 16 RPM package format.
This will create the necessary metadata for your Yum repository, as well as the sqlite database for speeding up yum operations.