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9.8. Enabling Dynamic DNS Updates

Dynamic DNS updates are not enabled by default for new DNS zones in FreeIPA. If dynamic updates are not allowed, then it may not be possible for the ipa-client-install script to join a client to the domain because it cannot add a DNS record pointing to the new client.

9.8.1. Enabling Dynamic DNS Updates in the Web UI

  1. Open the Identity tab, and select the DNS subtab.
  2. Click the name of the DNS zone to edit.
  3. Open the Settings tab.
  4. Scroll down to the Dynamic update field, and set the value to True.
  5. Click the Update link at the top of the settings page.

9.8.2. Enabling Dynamic DNS Updates in the Command Line

To allow dynamic updates to the DNS zones, set the --dynamic-update option.
$ ipa dnszone-mod --dynamic-update=TRUE