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C.4. ipa Host Commands

This is a collection of subcommands which manage the client, or host, configuration within the FreeIPA domain.

C.4.1. ipa host-add

Adds a new FreeIPA client machine to the domain manually. This is done as part of the enrollment process.

C.4.1.1. Syntax

ipa host-add hostname [ --desc="description" ] [ --locality="cityName" ] [ --location="location" ] [ --platform="hardware_description" ] [ --os="OS_version" ] [ --password="enrollment_password" ] [ --random ] [ --certificate="base64_cert" ] [ --force ] [ --no-reverse ] [ --ip-address=IPaddress ]

C.4.1.2. Options

Command Description
choice="plain"> hostname Sets the name of the host entry to create, based on the fully-qualified domain name of the host.


This must be a valid DNS name, which means only numbers, alphabetic characters, and hyphens (-) are allowed. Other characters, like underscores, in the hostname will cause DNS failures.
--desc="description" Gives a text description of the host.
--locality="cityName" Gives the geographical location, usually a city, where the host machine is.
--location="location" Gives the physical location, like a colocation facility, room number, or rack, where the host machine is.
--platform="hardware_description" Gives a hardware description of the host machine.
--os="OS_version" Gives the operating system type, such as "Fedora 16".
--password="enrollment_password" For a bulk enrollment, manually sets a password to use to proceed with the enrollment.
--random For a bulk enrollment, randomly generates a password to use to proceed with the enrollment.
--certificate="base64_cert" Contains the full base 64-encoded blob for a server certificate for the host.
--force Forces the server to create a host entry with the given name, even if the hostname cannot be resolved in DNS.
--no-reverse Disables reverse DNS creation through the server installation process. (If a reverse DNS zone is already configured, then that existing reverse DNS zone is used.) If this option is not used, then the default value is true, which assumes that reverse DNS should be configured by the installation script.
--ip-address=IPaddress Adds the host machine using its IP address, rather than the hostname.