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Chapter 2. Configuring the Date and Time

2.1. Using the Date and Time Configuration Tool
2.2. Using the Command Line Tools
2.2.1. Changing the Date
2.2.2. Changing the Time
2.2.3. Configuring the Network Time Protocol
2.3. Additional Resources
2.3.1. Installed Documentation
This chapter covers setting the system date and time in Fedora, both manually and using the Network Time Protocol (NTP), as well as setting the adequate time zone. Two methods are covered: setting the date and time using the Date and Time configuration tool, and doing so on the command line.

2.1. Using the Date and Time Configuration Tool

Fedora 17 is shipped with the Date and Time configuration tool, which allows you to change the date and time of the system, to configure the time zone used by the system, and to set up the Network Time Protocol daemon to synchronize the system clock with a time server. To start the tool, either select ApplicationsSystem ToolsSystem Settings from the Activities menu and click the Date and Time icon, or click the time in the panel and select Date and Time Settings from the drop-down menu.
The Date and Time configuration tool
The Date and Time configuration tool
Figure 2.1. The Date and Time configuration tool

By default, the tool only allows you to review the current settings. This is because only root is allowed to set the system date and time. To unlock the configuration tool for changes, click the Unlock button in the top-right corner of the window, and provide the correct password when prompted.
To change the current time of your system, either configure the system to synchronize it over the network by clicking the Network Time switch, or set it manually by clicking the up and down arrows above and below the numbers. You can also select 24-hour or AM/PM to enable or disable the 24-hour time format.
To change the time zone, either click on the map, or select the region and city from the Region and City drop-down lists.
To change the current date of your system, select a month from the drop-down list below the time, and use the up and down arrows to choose the day and year.
The changes take effect immediately.