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3.4.2. Adding a New Group

To add a new group to the system, type the following at a shell prompt as root:
groupadd [options] group_name
…where options are command line options as described in Table 3.3, “groupadd command line options”.
Table 3.3. groupadd command line options
Option Description
-f, --force When used with -g gid and gid already exists, groupadd will choose another unique gid for the group.
-g gid Group ID for the group, which must be unique and greater than 999.
-K, --key key=value Override /etc/login.defs defaults.
-o, --non-unique Allow to create groups with duplicate.
-p, --password password Use this encrypted password for the new group.
-r Create a system group with a GID less than 1000.