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6.3.6. Establishing Routes

Configuring static network routes
A screen shot of the static routes window
Figure 6.10. Configuring static network routes

Address — The IP address of a network, sub-net or host.
Netmask — The netmask or prefix length of the IP address just entered.
Gateway — The IP address of the gateway leading to the network, sub-net or host.
Metric — A network cost, that is to say a preference value to give to this route. Lower values will be preferred over higher values.
Ignore automatically obtained routes
Select this check box to only use manually entered routes for the VPN tunnel.
Use this connection only for resources on its network
Select this checkbox to prevent the VPN from becoming the default route. Then only the specific routes sent by the VPN server (or routes entered here manually) will be routed over the VPN tunnel.