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5.2. Using Add/Remove Software

PackageKit's Software Update GUI window is a separate application from its Add/Remove Software application, although the two have intuitively similar interfaces. To find and install a new package, select ApplicationsSystem ToolsAdd/Remove Software from the Activities menu, or run the gpk-application command at the shell prompt.
PackageKit's Add/Remove Software window
Viewing PackageKit's Add/Remove Software window
Figure 5.4. PackageKit's Add/Remove Software window

5.2.1. Refreshing Software Sources (Yum Repositories)

To enable or disable a Yum repository, open a dialog box by sclicking SystemSoftware Sources, and select the Software Sources tab. Refer to Section 5.1.2, “Setting the Software Sources” for more information on available configuration options.
After enabling and/or disabling the correct Yum repositories, make sure that you have the latest list of available packages. Click on SystemRefresh Package Lists and PackageKit will obtain the latest lists of packages from all enabled software sources, that is, Yum repositories.