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3.2.2. Adding a New User

To add a new user, make sure the configuration tool is unlocked, and click the + button (that is, the plus sign) below the account list. A dialog window appears, allowing you to supply user details.
Creating a new account
Creating a new account
Figure 3.3. Creating a new account

Take the following steps to create an account:
  1. Select an account type from the Account type pulldown list. Available account types are Administrator and Standard (the default option).
  2. Fill in the Full name input field to set the name associated with the account. This name will be used by the login manager, and will be displayed on the panel.
  3. Either select a suggested username from the Username pulldown list, or fill in the corresponding input field.
  4. Click the Create button to confirm the settings.
Fedora uses a user private group (UPG) scheme. The UPG scheme does not add or change anything in the standard UNIX way of handling groups; it offers a new convention. Whenever you create a new user, a unique group with the same name as the user is created.
When a new account is created, default configuration files are copied from the /etc/skel/ directory into the new home directory.