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5.3. Using NetworkManager

This section demonstrates setting up a wireless connection in Fedora Documentation using NetworkManager. You can configure a wired or wireless connection with NetworkManager, and roaming between different connections is possible, as the service can choose the best available connection. NetworkManager will only work once the appropriate drivers for the underlying hardware are installed and configured properly. This section provides screenshots for configuring a simple wireless connection via the graphical interface provided by Fedora Documentation. This is an example only and demonstrates how simple wireless connections are configured in Fedora Documentation using NetworkManager.
Click on the NetworkManager applet icon in the Notification Area. Clicking on the Network Settings menu entry opens the Network window, from where you can view some basic network configuration information and initiate configuration tasks. The applet has multiple states that serve as visual indicators for the type of connection you are currently using.
NetworkManager applet states
A row of four icons representing NetworkManager applet states
Figure 5.1. NetworkManager applet states

If you do not see the NetworkManager applet in the GNOME panel, and assuming that the NetworkManager package is installed on your system, you can start the applet by running the following command as a normal user (not root):
~]$ nm-applet &
After running this command, the applet appears in your Notification Area.