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9.7. Installation Source

Select Installation Source from the Installation Summary Menu.
In this section you can specify the location you want to install Fedora from. Choose between locally available installation media (such as a DVD or an ISO file) or a network location.
Installation source
Installation source screen
Figure 9.5. Installation source

Select one of the following options:
Auto-detected install media
If you initiated the installation using locally available media, the installer will detect it and display it graphically under this option. Select the media to use it as the installation source, and click Verify to check that the file is suitable for installation.
ISO file
If installation media has not been detected automatically, this option will be available for you to specify a locally-stored ISO file. Select this option and browse to the file's location on your system. Click Verify to check that the file is suitable for installation.
On the network
To specify a network location, select this option and choose from the following options in the drop-down menu:
  • Closest mirror
  • http://
  • https://
  • ftp://
  • nfs
Using your selection as the start of the location URL, type the rest into the address box. (If you selected Closest mirror, an address is not required.) If you choose NFS, the address box will be grayed out and another box will appear for you to specify any NFS mount options.
To configure a proxy, click Proxy setup unless you are installing via FTP and NFS (proxies are unavailable for these methods). Check Enable HTTP proxy and type the URL into the Proxy URL box. If your proxy requires authentication, check Use Authentication and enter a username and password. Click Add.
Once you have selected your installation source, click Done to return to the Installation Summary Menu.