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9.12. Reclaim disk space

If there is insufficient space to install Fedora on the disks selected in Installation Destination (refer to Section 9.10, “Storage and partitioning”) and you selected Reclaim Space at the Installation Options dialog, you will be directed to the Reclaim Disk Space tool.
Reclaim disk space from existing filesystems
The dialog allows you to preserve, shrink, or delete existing filesystems to generate necessary space to install Fedora.
Figure 9.19. Reclaim disk space from existing filesystems

The existing filesystems Fedora has detected will be listed in a table as part of their respective disks. The Reclaimable Space column lists the space that could be reassigned to this installation. The Action column lists what action will be taken with the filesystem to reclaim space.
Beneath the table are two buttons:
Select a filesystem from the table with your mouse and click Preserve or Delete. The label in the Action column will change to match your selection and the amount of Total selected space to reclaim displayed beneath the table will increase or decrease in response. Beneath this value is the amount of space the installation requires based on the packages you have selected to install (refer to Section 9.9, “Software Selection”).
When enough space has been reclaimed for the installation to proceed, the Reclaim Space button will become available. Click this button to return to the Installation Summary Menu and proceed with the installation.