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9.16. Installation Complete

Congratulations! Now that you have configured the remaining settings, your Fedora installation is now complete!
Click Reboot to reboot your system and begin using Fedora. Remember to remove any installation media if it is not ejected automatically upon reboot.
After your computer's normal power-up sequence has completed, Fedora loads and starts. By default, the start process is hidden behind a graphical screen that displays a progress bar. Eventually, a login: prompt or a GUI login screen (if you installed the X Window System and chose to start X automatically) appears.
The first time you start your Fedora system in run level 5 (the graphical run level), the FirstBoot tool appears, which guides you through the Fedora configuration. Using this tool, you can set your system time and date, install software, configure your machine to receive software updates, and more. FirstBoot lets you configure your environment at the beginning, so that you can get started using your Fedora system quickly.