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9. Keyboard Configuration

Select Keyboard from the Installation Summary Menu.
In the left-hand pane, English (United States) is listed as the keyboard layout, unless you clicked the checkbox in Section 7, “Language Selection” to set the keyboard layout to the default for your selected language. If so, you may still want to select a more specific layout. For example, if you selected French as the language for this installation, the layout listed in the left-hand pane will be French (French). However, you may want to change it to French (French (Canada)).
Keyboard Configuration
Keyboard configuration screen
Figure 6. Keyboard Configuration

To change the layout or add additional layouts, click the + button and select from the list. To delete a layout, select it and click the - button. Use the arrow buttons to arrange the layouts in order of preference. For a visual preview of the keyboard layout, select it and click the keyboard button.