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Chapter 13. GNU Solfege

13.1. Requirements and Installation
13.1.1. Hardware and Software Requirements
13.1.2. Other Requirements
13.1.3. Required Installation
13.1.4. Optional Installation: Csound
13.1.5. Optional Installation: MMA
13.2. Configuration
13.2.1. When You Run Solfege for the First Time
13.2.2. Instruments
13.2.3. External Programs
13.2.4. Interface
13.2.5. Practise
13.2.6. Sound Setup
13.3. Training Yourself
13.3.1. Aural Skills and Musical Sensibility
13.3.2. Exercise Types
13.3.3. Making an Aural Skills Program
13.3.4. Supplementary References
13.4. Using the Exercises
13.4.1. Listening
13.4.2. Singing
13.4.3. Configure Yourself
13.4.4. Rhythm
13.4.5. Dictation
13.4.6. Harmonic Progressions
13.4.7. Intonation

13.1. Requirements and Installation

13.1.1. Hardware and Software Requirements

It is assumed that, prior to using GNU Solfege, users have already correctly configured their audio equipment.
In addition, the timidity++ package is required by Solfege, which requires the installation of a large (approximately 140 MB) SoundFont library. This library is shared with the FluidSynth application, which has its own section in this guide, and is used by several other software packages. timidity++ also requires the installation of the JACK Audio Connection Kit. If you have installed the Planet CCRMA at Home repository, and have not yet followed the instructions to correctly install and configure its version of JACK, then it is recommended that you do so before installing GNU Solfege. Refer to Section 2.3.1, “Install and Configure JACK for installations to install JACK.

13.1.2. Other Requirements

Solfege requires knowledge of Western musical notation, and basic music theory terms and concepts.

13.1.3. Required Installation

Please review the "Requirements" section above, before installation.
Use PackageKit, Apper to install the solfege package.

13.1.4. Optional Installation: Csound

Csound is a sound-synthesis program, similar to SuperCollider. It is older, quite well-developed, and has a broader range of features.
To install Csound, first close Solfege, then use PackageKit or Apper to install the csound package. When Solfege is restarted, you will be able to use the "Intonation" exercises.

13.1.5. Optional Installation: MMA

MMA stands for "Musical MIDI Accompaniment," and it is not available for Fedora in a prepackaged format. The software can be found on the MMA Homepage at, where you can download the source code and compile it if desired. MMA is only used by some of the harmonic dictation questions, so its installation is not required.