Product SiteDocumentation Site Align the Marimba at the End

Now that we have roughly placed all the singers' regions, we can figure out where to put the concluding marimba passage.
  1. Listen to the "ens-Create_the_Inconceivable" regions. We're going to start the marimba's ending regions somewhere after the highest singer has said "if you know what I mean," but before she stops singing the word "mean."
  2. It's up to you exactly where to re-start the marimba. Pick a place, and move the two "Marimba_3" region to that place in the "marimba1" bus, and the "Marimba_4" region in the "marimba2" bus.
  3. You may need to set up a range and use the transport's looping function to get the alignment exact.
  4. This particular entry is going to be difficult, because the low marimba enters quietly and blooms into sounding, while the higher marimba has a hard attack that dies. This means that, if you start both marimba tracks at the same time, the listener will perceive the lower track as starting after the higher track. If you don't believe me, try it out!
  5. To solve this problem, the original editor (Esther) had the upper marimba start a bit later than the lower marimba.
If you were to listen to the session so far, you would notice that the marimba is way too loud compared to the singers, and that everything sounds very narrow. This is because we're only arranging regions, and we haven't done any of the mixing yet!