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  1. These regions start with the grumbling noise that was accidentally recorded. If you decided to leave it in, you could bounce the grumbling to the region list, so it can be controlled independently of the strings that follow.
  2. The new regions are probably called something like "strings-L-0-bounce-1". Because I know that the sound is chairs being moved across the floor in a room upstairs from the recording studio, I'm going to call the regions "Chairs--L" and "Chairs--R".
  3. Then remove the noise of the chairs from the Strings_1 regions.
  4. Since the marimba2 tracks aren't yet being used, we can put the Chairs regions there - at least for now - just to remember that we have them.
  5. Listen to the Strings_1 region. You'll notice that the noise of the chairs continues throughout the region. We can remove it later.
  6. You wouldn't know this without carefully listening to the song, or having the sheet music for "Here Is How," so I'll tell you: the musicians make a mistake near the end of this region, which is why the violinist says, "sorry," just after that.
  7. We'll need to remove the error, so adjust the end of the track to make it about six seconds earlier. In the canvas view, you want to put the end of the region just before the second-last "blob."