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Revision History
Revision 18.2-1Wed April 17 2013Eric Christensen
Added 'Manage Confined Services' Guide sections.
Revision 18.1-1Wed April 10 2013Eric Christensen
Added SELinux Guide sections.
Revision 18.0-1Sat October 6 2012Eric Christensen
Fixed Basic Hardening chapter (BZ 841825 and 693620).
Fixed broken LUKS link (BZ 846299).
Added GUI section to 7 Zip chapter (BZ 854781).
Fixed yum-plugin-security chapter (BZ 723282).
Fixed GPG CLI command screen (BZ 590493).
Improved Yubikey section (BZ 644238).
Fixed typos (BZ 863636).
Removed wiki markup found in some chapters.
Updated the Seahorse instructions.
Revision 17.0-1Tue January 24 2012Eric Christensen
Branched for Fedora 17.
Revision 16.0-1Fri September 09 2011Eric Christensen
Branched for Fedora 16.
Revision 14.3-1Sat Apr 02 2011Eric Christensen
Moved VPN text to the Encryption chapter and reformated.
Revision 14.2-1Wed Oct 20 2010Zach Oglesby
Added text for using Yubikey on Fedora with local authentication. (BZ 644999)
Revision 14.2-0Fri Oct 6 2010Eric Christensen
Removed all variables in the document source.
Revision 14.1-2Fri Oct 1 2010Eric Christensen
Corrected the link to the DISA Unix Checklist and updated link.
Revision 14.1-1Wed Jul 8 2010Eric Christensen
Added CVE chapter.
Revision 14.0-1Fri May 28 2010Eric Christensen
Branched for Fedora 14
Revision 13.0-7Fri May 14 2010Eric Christensen
Removed "bug" text from 7-Zip chapter per bug 591980.
Revision 13.0-6Wed Apr 14 2010Eric Christensen
Completed the encryption standards appendix.
Revision 13.0-5Fri Apr 09 2010Eric Christensen
Added "Using GPG with Alpine".
Added "Using GPG with Evolution".
Revision 13.0-4Tue Apr 06 2010Eric Christensen
Repaired issues regarding untranslatable text in para.
Revision 13.0-3Tue Apr 06 2010Eric Christensen
Removed the PackageKit vulnerability text seen in Fedora 12.
Revision 13.0-2Fri Nov 20 2009Eric Christensen
Added the Revision History to the end of the document.
Added the Encryption Standards appendix.
Revision 13.0-1Fri Nov 20 2009Eric Christensen
Fedora 13 branch.
Revision 1.0-23Thu Nov 19 2009Eric Christensen
Updated the section "Local users may install trusted packages" to the latest fix, again.
Revision 1.0-22Thu Nov 19 2009Eric Christensen
Updated the section "Local users may install trusted packages" to the latest fix.
Revision 1.0-21Wed Nov 18 2009Eric Christensen
Added section "Local users may install trusted packages".
Revision 1.0-20Sat Nov 14 2009Eric Christensen
Added information from Wikipedia to the Encryption Standards appendix.
Added Adam Ligas to the author page for his role in developing the 7-Zip portions.
Revision 1.0-19Mon Oct 26 2009Eric Christensen
Updated license to CC-BY-SA.
Revision 1.0-18Wed Aug 05 2009Eric Christensen
Fixed issues related to Bug 515043.
Revision 1.0-17Mon Jul 27 2009Eric Christensen
Repaired vendor information in SPEC.
Revision 1.0-16Fri Jul 24 2009Fedora Release Engineering
Rebuilt for
Revision 1.0-15Tue Jul 14 2009Eric Christensen
Added "desktop-file-utils" to BUILDREQUIRES on the spec
Revision 1.0-14Tue Mar 10 2009Scott Radvan
Remove more rhel specifics, major review and remove draft, ready for push
Revision 1.0-13Mon Mar 2 2009Scott Radvan
Lots of minor fixes
Revision 1.0-12Wed Feb 11 2009Scott Radvan
new screenshots from F11 replacing existing/older ones
Revision 1.0-11Tue Feb 03 2009Scott Radvan
LUKS specifics to Fedora 9 modified to include later releases as well.
Fix 404s in reference section, mainly bad NSA links.
minor formatting changes.
Revision 1.0-10Wed Jan 27 2009Eric Christensen
Fixed missing firewall setup screenshot.
Revision 1.0-9Wed Jan 27 2009Eric Christensen
Repaired items found to be incorrect during validation. Many Red Hat references have been changed to Fedora references.