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16.13.4. Adding an iSCSI target to virt-manager

This procedure covers creating a storage pool with an iSCSI target in virt-manager.This same action can also be done using the command line window. For directions on creating a dedicated disk storage pool with the CLI, refer to Section 11.1.5, “iSCSI-based storage pools”.
Procedure 16.2. Adding an iSCSI device to virt-manager
  1. Open the host storage tab

    Open the Storage tab in the Host Details window.
    1. Open virt-manager.
    2. Select a host from the main virt-manager window. Click Edit menu and select Connection Details.
      Connection details
      Figure 16.34. Connection details

    3. Click on the Storage tab.
      Storage menu
      Figure 16.35. Storage menu

  2. Add a new pool (part 1)

    Press the + button (the add pool button). The Add a New Storage Pool wizard appears.
    Add an iscsi storage pool name and type
    Figure 16.36. Add an iscsi storage pool name and type

    Choose a name for the storage pool, change the Type to iscsi, and press Forward to continue.
  3. Add a new pool (part 2)

    Enter the target path for the device, the host name of the target and the source path (the IQN). The Format option is not available as formatting is handled by the guests. It is not advised to edit the Target Path. The default target path value, /dev/disk/by-path/, adds the drive path to that directory. The target path should be the same on all hosts for migration.
    Enter the hostname or IP address of the iSCSI target. This example uses
    Enter the source path, for the iSCSI target. This example uses demo-target.
    Check the IQN checkbox to enter the IQN. This example uses
    Create an iscsi storage pool
    Figure 16.37. Create an iscsi storage pool

    Press Finish to create the new storage pool.