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16.11. Implementing Migration

This section covers migrating a KVM guest from one host to another using the virt-manager. The same task can be done with the command line. For more information refer to Section 4.3, “Live KVM migration with virsh”.
  1. Open virt-manager

    Open virt-manager. Choose ApplicationsSystem ToolsVirtual Machine Manager from the main menu bar to launch virt-manager.
  2. Connect to the target host

    Connect to the target host by clicking on the File menu, then click Add Connection.
  3. Add connection

    The Add Connection window appears.
    Enter the following details:
    • Hypervisor: Select QEMU/KVM.
    • Method: Select the connection method.
    • Username: Enter the username for the remote host.
    • Hostname: Enter the hostname for the remote host.
    Click the Connect button. An SSH connection is used in this example, so the specified user's password must be entered in the next step.
  4. Migrate guest

    Right-click on the host to be migrated (guest1-fedora in this example) and click Migrate.
    Select the host you wish to migrate to and click Migrate. A progress window will appear.
    virt-manager now displays the newly migrated guest.
  5. View the storage details for the host

    In the Edit menu, click Host Details, the Host Details window appears.
    Click the Storage tab. The iSCSI target details for this host is shown. This host was defined by the following XML configuration:
    <pool type='iscsi'>
            <host name=''/>
            <device path=''/>