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3.3. Making Minimal Boot Media

A piece of minimal boot media is a CD, DVD, or USB flash drive that contains the software to boot the system and launch the installation program, but which does not contain the software that must be transferred to the system to create a Fedora installation.
Use minimal boot media:
To make minimal boot media:
  1. Download the ISO image file named netinst.iso that is available at the same location as the images of the Fedora 19 installation DVD — refer to Chapter 2, Obtaining Fedora.
  2. Burn netinst.iso to a blank CD or DVD using the same procedure detailed in Section 3.1, “Making an installation DVD” for the installation disc, or transfer the netinst.iso file to a USB device with the dd command as detailed in Section 3.2, “Preparing a USB flash drive as an installation source”. As the netinst.iso file is only around 300 MB in size, you do not need an especially large USB flash drive.