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9.4.  The Installation Summary Menu

The Installation Summary Menu is the central screen for setting up an installation.
The Installation Summary Menu
Installation Summary Menu screen
Figure 9.2. The Installation Summary Menu

Instead of directing you through consecutive screens, the Fedora installer allows you to configure your installation in the order you choose.
Use your mouse to select a menu item to configure a section of the installation. When you have completed configuring a section, or if you would like to complete that section later, click Done.
Only sections marked with a warning symbol are mandatory. A note at the bottom of the screen warns you that these sections must be completed before the installation can begin. The remaining sections are optional. Beneath each section's title, the current configuration is summarised. Using this you can determine whether you need to visit the section to configure it further.
The keyboard icon at the top of the menu allows you to switch between your selected keyboard layouts (refer to Section 9.6, “Keyboard Configuration”).
Once all required sections are complete, click Begin Installation (refer to Section 9.15, “Begin installation”).
To cancel the installation, click Quit.


When related background tasks are being run, certain menu items may be temporarily grayed out and unavailable.