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2.5.3. Installation and Usage

To install the tuned package, run, as root, the following command:
yum install tuned
Installation of the tuned package also presets the profile which should be the best for you system. Currently the default profile is selected according the following customizable rules:
This is pre-selected on Fedora operating systems which act as compute nodes. The goal on such systems is the best throughput performance.
This is pre-selected on virtual machines. The goal is best performance. If you are not interested in best performance, you would probably like to change it to the balanced or powersave profile (see bellow).
This is pre-selected in all other cases. The goal is balanced performance and power consumption.
To start tuned, run, as root, the following command:
systemctl start tuned
To enable tuned to start every time the machine boots, type the following command:
systemctl tuned enable
For other tuned control such as selection of profiles and other, use:
This command requires the tuned service to be running.
To view the available installed profiles, run:
tuned-adm list
To view the currently activated profile, run:
tuned-adm active
To select or activate a profile, run:
tuned-adm profile profile
For example:
tuned-adm profile powersave
As an experimental feature it is possible to select more profiles at once. The tuned application will try to merge them during the load. If there are conflicts the settings from the last specified profile will take precedence. This is done automatically and there is no checking whether the resulting combination of parameters makes sense. If used without thinking, the feature may tune some parameters the opposite way which may be counterproductive. An example of such situation would be setting the disk for the high throughput by using the throughput-performance profile and concurrently setting the disk spindown to the low value by the spindown-disk profile. The following example optimizes the system for run in a virtual machine for the best performance and concurrently tune it for the low power consumption while the low power consumption is the priority:
tuned-adm profile virtual-guest powersave
To let tuned recommend you the best suitable profile for your system without changing any existing profiles and using the same logic as used during the installation, run the following command:
tuned-adm recommend
Tuned itself has additional options that you can use when you run it manually. However, this is not recommended and is mostly intended for debugging purposes. The available options can be viewing using the following command:
tuned --help