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Revision History

Revision History
Revision 19-11Thu Jun 13 2013 
Post-beta updates and fixes
Revision 19-09Fri May 24 2013 
Updated revision for F19 Beta
Revision 19-08Mon May 13 2013 
Initial Draft for F19 Beta
Revision 18-0Tue Jan 8 2013 
Revision for F18 final
Revision 17-98Wed Nov 7 2012 
Prepare for Fedora 18 Beta
Revision 17-95Sun Oct 28 2012 
Initial revision for F18
Pull in and proofread content from wiki
Revision 17-1Tue May 29 2012Refer to A.1 Writers
64 bit default BZ#821168
Release Notes directory change BZ#821412
Typo in Sci/Tech (EMWA) BZ#821413
D language BZ#824529
Update contributors
Remove Cloudstack reference
Revision 17-0Tue May 8 2012Refer to A.1 Writers
Remove draft tag
Add translation contributors
Revision 16-97Mon May 7 2012Refer to A.1 Writers
BZ#817295 - various typos and broken links
BZ#817553 - Typos and broken formatting in Amateur Radio and Scientific and Technical sections
gimp has been updated to 2.8.0
Section on multi-seat
Changes to direct kernel boot
BZ#819160 - Typo in Circuit Design
BZ#819161 - Correct URL in Circuit Design
BZ#819164 - typo in Embedded Development section
Bump kernel version to 3.3.4
Revision 16-96Tue Mar 27 2012Refer to A.1 Writers
Added list of writers
Added Desktop section
Added index entries
Added note on btrfs
Revision 16-95Wed Mar 21 2012Refer to A.1 Writers
Released Beta F17 notes
Revision 16-93Tue Mar 20 2012John McDonough
Start beta F17 notes
Revision 16-3Tue Nov 29 2011John McDonough
Minimum RAM correction - BZ#754439
Service name changes - BZ#754145
Change verbiage around CPU requirements - BZ#499585
Revision 16-2Mon Nov 7 2011John McDonough
Trusted boot didn't make it to F16 (Overview, Boot)
Added Ask Fedora - BZ#748653
Added list of contributors
Revision 16-1Mon Oct 23 2011John McDonough
Various typos - BZ#741975
Better prose on systemd database handling - BZ#743614
Improved prose in setting up multiple PostgreSQL servers - BZ#743618
Warning about GRUB user - BZ#737187
Include mention of D2 - BZ#743960
Warning about UID/GID change - BZ#739661
Clean up links
rc.local no longer packaged - BZ#745235
Virtualization security - BZ#746015
GTK capitalization - BZ#747940
QEMU capitalization - BZ#746672 against VG
Dedication to Dennis Ritchie
Revision 16-0Mon Oct 10 2011John McDonough
Revision 15-99Mon Oct 10 2011John McDonough
Mentions of F16 - BZ#741830
Typo in Grub - BZ#743981
Additional index terms
Revision 15-98Fri Aug 16 2011John McDonough
Release for F16 Beta
Revision 15-2Thu Jun 23 2011John McDonough
Required memory for installation (BZ#699770)
Revision 15-1Fri Jun 3 2011John McDonough
Typo in Virtualization (BZ#705928)
gnuplot not GNU plot (BZ#707318)
device naming (BZ#707730)
Correct version number of boost (BZ#707786)
Remove reference to disappeared GS-Theme-Selector (BZ#708085)
Revision 15-0Sun May 8 2011John McDonough
Memory (BZ#699770, 701780)
Xfce case (BZ#699977)
Wireshark permission changes (BZ#680165)
Powering off with systemd (BZ#701638)
Revision 14-98Fri Apr 15 2011John McDonough
Remove Dom0
Remove dnssec
Remove riak
Add warning about Network Connections
Add prose on IcedTea
Revision 14-97Mon Apr 11 2011John McDonough
Add index entries
Revision 14-96Tue Apr 5 2011John McDonough
Point Kernel to kernelnewbies (Kernel)
Point features to F15 instead of general feature page (Overview)
Correct boxgrinder URL (Virtualization)
Correct Python URL (Developer Tools)
Correct Rails URL (Developer Tools)
Correct avr-gcc URL (Embedded Development)
Correct avr-c++ URL (Embedded Development)
Correct avr-binutils URL (Embedded Development)
Correct dfu-programmer URL (Embedded Development)
Correct xlog URL (Amateur radio)
Correct splat URL (Amateur radio)
Remove redundant systemd and add administrative user per Rahul
Revision 14-95Tue Apr 5 2011John McDonough
Converted beats
Revision 14-90Tue Mar 22 2011John McDonough
Empty Fedora 15 skeleton