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6. Next steps

To boot your computer from the DVD, CD, or USB media that you have just produced:
  1. Insert the disc or USB drive, then turn off your computer with the disc still in place.
  2. Restart your computer. As the computer starts, watch for a message that tells you to press a certain key to choose a boot device. The key varies from computer to computer but, on many systems, the required key will be F12, F2, F1, Esc, or Delete. Press the required key and select the CD or DVD drive that contains your disc, or the USB drive.
    If your computer does not offer you a boot menu, and a Fedora boot screen does not appear shortly after the computer starts, you might need to change the computer's boot sequence in its BIOS. Refer to the documentation that came with your computer for instructions. The details of this procedure vary widely from computer to computer.
  3. When the Fedora boot screen appears, you can proceed to install Fedora. Refer to the Fedora 20 Installation Quick Start Guide for basic instructions for most desktop and laptop computers, or the Fedora 20 Installation Guide for a full set of installation instructions. Both documents are available from