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Logging the Installation

Anaconda tracks all of its activities in logs. This includes:

E.1.  Log files and formats

E.1.1.  Logging on the installed system

During the installation, logs are stored in the /tmp directory. After the installation, the files can be found in the /var/log/anaconda directory. Another set of logs is stored in in the /root directory of the target filesystem, and can be found at /mnt/sysimage/root during the installation. Some logs are also written to the virtual terminals.
Table E.1.  anaconda log files
Logs in /tmp, /var/log/anaconda
Filename TTY Usage
anaconda.log /dev/tty3 General installation information, including the step changes.
storage.log /dev/tty3 Detection and manipulation of storage devices, including RAID, LVM, and partitioning actions.
program.log Calls to external programs, and their output.
syslog /dev/tty4 Messages from the kernel and external programs, such as NetworkManager.
yum.log Yum's internal log.
Logs in /root, /mnt/sysimage/root
Filename Usage
install.log The log of the package installation process
install.log.syslog Messages from installation chroot logged through the system's syslog. Mostly information about users and groups created during yum's package installation.