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Chapter 12. Installing Without Media

12.1. Retrieving Boot Files
12.2. Editing the GRUB Configuration
12.3. Booting to Installation

Linux Required

This procedure assumes you are already using Fedora or another relatively modern Linux distribution, and the GRUB boot loader. It also assumes you are a somewhat experienced Linux user.
This section discusses how to install Fedora on your system without making any additional physical media. Instead, you can use your existing GRUB boot loader to start the installation program.

12.1. Retrieving Boot Files

To perform an installation without media or a PXE server, your system must have two files stored locally, a kernel and an initial RAM disk.
Copy the vmlinuz and initrd.img files from a Fedora DVD (or DVD image) to the /boot/ directory, renaming them to vmlinuz-install and initrd.img-install. You must have root privileges to write files into the /boot/ directory.