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Chapter 1. Quick Start for Experts

1.1. Overview
1.2. Download Files
1.3. Prepare for Installation
1.4. Install Fedora
This section offers a very brief overview of installation tasks for experienced readers who are eager to get started. Note that many explanatory notes and helpful hints appear in the following chapters of this guide. If an issue arises during the installation process, consult the appropriate chapters in the full guide for help.

Experts Only

This section is intended only for experts. Other readers may not be familiar with some of the terms in this section, and should move on to Chapter 2, Obtaining Fedora instead.

1.1. Overview

The installation procedure is fairly simple, and consists of only a few steps:
  1. Download files to make media or another bootable configuration.
  2. Prepare system for installation.
  3. Boot the computer and run the installation process.
  4. Reboot and perform post-installation configuration.