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4.6. Choose a boot method

You can use several methods to boot Fedora.
Installing from a CD-ROM or DVD requires that you have a Fedora 20 CD-ROM or DVD, and you have a DVD/CD-ROM drive on a system that supports booting from it.
Your BIOS may need to be changed to allow booting from your DVD/CD-ROM drive. For more information about changing your BIOS, refer to Section 7.1.1, “Booting the Installation Program on x86, AMD64, and Intel 64 Systems”.
Other than booting from an installation DVD or netinstall CD, you can also boot the Fedora installation program from a USB flash drive. Refer to Section 3.2, “Preparing a USB flash drive as an installation source” for instructions on making USB install media.
Finally, you can boot the installer overthe network from a preboot execution environment (PXE) server. Refer to Chapter 13, Setting Up an Installation Server. Again, after you boot the system, you complete the installation from a different installation source, such as a local hard drive or a location on a network.