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9.12.  Encrypt Partitions

If you selected the Encrypt my data option, when you click to proceed to the next screen the installer will prompt you for a passphrase with which to encrypt the partitions on the system.
Partitions are encrypted using the Linux Unified Key Setup — refer to Appendix C, Disk Encryption for more information.
Enter passphrase for encrypted partition
The dialog contains text boxes to enter a passphrase and to confirm it.
Figure 9.28.  Enter passphrase for encrypted partition

Choose a passphrase and type it into each of the two fields in the dialog box. If the passphrase is not strong enough, a warning symbol will appear and you will not be allowed to type in the second field. You must provide this passphrase every time that the system boots.

Warning — Do not lose this passphrase

If you lose this passphrase, any encrypted partitions and the data on them will become completely inaccessible. There is no way to recover a lost passphrase.
Note that if you perform a kickstart installation of Fedora, you can save encryption passphrases and create backup encryption passphrases during installation. Refer to Section C.3.2, “Saving Passphrases” and Section C.3.3, “Creating and Saving Backup Passphrases”.