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10.3.2. Reporting traceback messages

If the installer encounters an error during the graphical installation process, it presents you with a crash reporting dialog box:
The Crash Reporting Dialog Box
An unhandled exception has occurred. This is most likely a bug. Please save a copy of the detailed exception and file a bug report against anaconda at
Figure 10.1. The Crash Reporting Dialog Box

Select Report Bug to report the problem using Bugzilla, or Quit to exit the installation.
Optionally, click More Info to display detailed output that may help determine the cause of the error. If you are familiar with debugging, click Debug. In a non-Live installation, this will take you to virtual terminal tty1, where you can request more precise information that will enhance the bug report. To return to the graphical interface from tty1, type continue and press Enter.
The expanded Crash Reporting Dialog Box
Details of the crash, showing the python traceback
Figure 10.2. The expanded Crash Reporting Dialog Box

If you select Report Bug, follow this procedure:
  1. To report the bug to the Fedora Project, you first need to provide your Bugzilla credentials. Click Configure Bugzilla.
    Configure Bugzilla prompt
    Select Configure Bugzilla to begin the configuration process so the bug report will reach Bugzilla.
    Figure 10.3. Configure Bugzilla prompt

  2. If you already have a Bugzilla account, enter your username and password. If not, you will need to create one at After entering your credentials, click OK.
    Configure Bugzilla
    Enter your Bugzilla account details or create an account.
    Figure 10.4. Configure Bugzilla

  3. In the text box, explain the situation that generated the traceback message. Describe how it can be reproduced by explaining each step. Provide as much relevant detail as possible, including any you acquired when debugging. Be aware that the information you provide here may become publicly visible on the Bugzilla website.
    However, if you do not know what caused the traceback message, check the box at the bottom of the dialog.
    Click Forward.
    Describe the problem
    If possible, describe the problem that generated the traceback message.
    Figure 10.5. Describe the problem

  4. Review the information that will be sent to Bugzilla. The explanation you provided is in the comment tab. Other tabs include such information as your hostname and other details of the installation environment. You can remove any items you do not want sent to Bugzilla, but be aware that providing less detail may affect the investigation of the issue.
    Click Forward once the information is ready to be sent.
    Review the data to be sent
    Review the data that will be sent to Bugzilla.
    Figure 10.6. Review the data to be sent

  5. Review the list of files that will be sent to Bugzilla and included in the bug report as individual attachments. These files provide pertinent system information that will assist the investigation. If you do not wish to send certain files, uncheck the box next to each one. To provide additional files that may help fix the problem, click Attach a file.
    Once you have reviewed the files, check the box labeled I have reviewed the data and agree with submitting it. Click Forward to send them to Bugzilla to generate a bug report.
    Review the files to be sent
    Review the individual files that will be sent to Bugzilla.
    Figure 10.7. Review the files to be sent

  6. When the dialog reports that processing has finished, click Show log to view details of the process or Close to return to the initial crash reporting dialog box.