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9.17.2. Initial Setup in Other Desktop Environments

In desktop environments other than GNOME, such as XFCE or KDE, you will only be presented with a screen allowing you to customize system settings and create a user account if you have not done so during the installation. If you have configured your language, keyboard layout, time zone and created a user previously (for example during the graphical installation), you will be able to log in and start using your system immediately. If only some of the available options are configured, the Initial Setup menu will prompt you the remaining ones.
The Initial Setup application works the same way as the Anaconda graphical installer. For instructions on how to configure the available settings, see Section 9.2, “The Graphical Installation Program User Interface”.
The Initial Setup Menu
The Initial Setup application's hub, allowing you to configure options not specified during the installation.
Figure 9.42. The Initial Setup Menu