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9.16.2. User Creation

Create a user account for yourself with this screen. Always use this account to log in to your Fedora system, rather than using the root account.
The Create User screen
The Create User screen
Figure 9.38. The Create User screen

Note — Network Login Not Available During Installation

It is not possible to configure network-based authentication during installation using the graphical interface in the current version of Fedora. This option now becomes available after the installation finishes and the system is started for the first time. Alternatively, you can use kickstart to configure network authentication during the installation process. See Chapter 15, Kickstart Installations for more details on kickstart installations, and the Fedora 19 Release Notes for information about this limitation.
Enter a user name and your full name, and then enter your chosen password. Type your password once more in the Confirm Password box to ensure that it is correct.
Check the Make this user administrator box if you would like administrative privileges. This will place you in the wheel group, which gives you access to all administrative functions, including installing and updating software, creating and altering configuration files, and administering other users.
To create additional users or customise your first user account, click Advanced to open the Advanced User Configuration dialog.
Advanced User Configuration
Advanced User Configuration
Figure 9.39. Advanced User Configuration

In Advanced User Configuration you can edit various properties, such as a private group for the user, the preferred login shell, and user and group IDs.

Important — Create at least one user account

If you selected GNOME as your desktop environment during the package selection process, you will be able to create a user account after the installation finishes. Other desktop environments, such as KDE or Xfce, do not offer this functionality. It is therefore important to create at least one user account during this step; otherwise you will not be able to log in to the Fedora graphical environment. If you skipped this step during installation, refer to Section 10.4.3, “Booting into a Graphical Environment”.

Note — Creating Extra User Accounts

To add additional user accounts to your system after the installation is complete, choose SystemAdministrationUsers & Groups.