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5. Changes in Fedora for Specific Audiences

5.1. Circuit Design

5.1.1. gtkwave

gtkwave has been updated from 3.3.41 to 3.3.51. This includes a large number of upgrades including
  • Adding more support for newer constructs in Vermin.
  • Added scrollwheel support to rtlbrowse code windows.
  • Added VPD support via vpd2vcd.
  • Added preliminary do-nothing generate support in vermin.
  • Added "Open Hierarchy" option that will expand the SST and select the hierarchy for a given signal selected in the Signals window.
  • Added preliminary support for FsdbReader.
  • Added generate as scope type to VCD/FST/FSDB.
  • Display signal direction column in SST if not all signals are declared as FST_VD_IMPLICIT.
  • Added extraction of in/out/inout from FSDB into FST with vcd2fst helper executable.
  • Added support for SV structures, unions, classes, packages, programs, and interfaces.
  • Preliminary support for SV datatypes of bit, logic, int, shortint, longint, byte, enum, and shortreal in VCD and FST. Added sparse array datatype to FST (currently unused by gtkwave).
  • Added support for attribute begin/end in FST. (Currently unused by gtkwave.) This allows embedding of various data inside the structure tree.
  • Added ability to store $comment in FST files via the attribute mechanism (FST_AT_MISC/FST_MT_COMMENT).
  • Added ability to store environment variable information in FST files (FST_MT_ENVVAR).
  • Added direction filters to SST name filter search. That is, adding +I+, +O+, +IO+, +B+, or +L+ before the regular expression adds additional filtering criteria. Direction filters are case-insensitive.
  • Added VHDL hierarchy types to FST, internal VCD loaders and also vcdfst/fst2vcd.
  • Added in VHDL to FST (which will also allow other languages): gtkwave can process these types (e.g., signal + std_ulogic), but there are currently no simulators supporting them.
  • Added "/File/Grab To File" PNG image grab menu option.
  • Added VHDL package type to FST.
  • Added fstWriterSetSourceStem() so writers can embed source stems in the FST file.
  • Updated examples/gtkwaverc accel options to reflect the current state of the gtkwave main window main menu.
In addition, there are numerous bug fixes and internal improvements. More detail may be found in the ChangeLog or on the web site at

5.1.2. XCircuit

xcircuit has been updated to 3.7.44. Version 3.7 has a modified selection mechanism that considers both points and segments of elements as well as entire elements. This allows the "edit" function to work as a stretch function to many elements at once.
Also added linewidth invariance on objects. Object instances (such as circuit symbols) can be made linewidth-invariant, such that an instance of the object can be scaled without changing the linewidth. This allows some circuit symbols to be resized relative to others on the same schematic without a discontinuity in wire width at the pins.
A number of other useful additions including:
  • Tracking spline control points for adjoining splines in paths
  • Clipmasks (shapes can be used to clip the view of other elements)
  • polygon-to-curve conversion routine
  • undo/redo on raise/lower elements
  • single-step raise and lower elements
  • gradient field generator---color graded fields are made from graphic image types

5.2. Amateur Radio

5.2.1. fldigi

fldigi has been upgraded to 3.21.76. Some of the changes include:
  • Improvements to ADIF logging
  • Better weak signal MFSK
  • Improvements in THOR
  • Allow display of UTF-8 when active ARQ client
Along with numerous others.
For complete details visit

5.2.2. gnuradio

Fedora 20 includes gnuradio 3.7.1.
Major new features include:
New blocks include gr::analog::fast_noise_source and gr::analog::agc3_*. agc, agc2 and agc3 blocks now have a unified interface. New components gr-fec and gr-channels have been added. A new tool allows the creation of out-of-tree VOLK libraries. includes details of these changes as well as extensive documentation.

5.2.3. qucs

qucs has been upgraded to 0.0.17. Some key improvements:
  • New BSIM nMOS and pMOS models
  • m-code transient solver interface
For full details refer to

5.2.4. trustedqsl

trustedqsl has been updated to 1.14.3. Updates include correcting some CQ zones, enhanced handling of duplicates, and improvements in some error messages.
The details may be found at the project web page at

5.2.5. xastir

xastir 2.0.4 includes a large number of changes and performance improvements. Refer to the help file for details, or visit the project's web site at

5.2.6. xnec2c

xnec2c has been updated to 2.3. The differences between 2.1 and 2.3 are largely unnoticable to the user but reflect cleaning up the application's internal. Most of these changes actually affect the nec2cpackage which provides the calculation engine for xnec2c.
The application web site is at