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4. Is your system UEFI or BIOS?

Because commands and file locations differ between BIOS and UEFI systems, it is important to identify which you have before attempting advanced boot configuration.
Identifying a BIOS system

The term BIOS is still used with UEFI systems

Because BIOS systems have been around for so long, the term BIOS is often used to describe UEFI systems as well. Manufacturers might list system firmware updates as BIOS updates or provide directions to enter the BIOS setup menu. The word has come to represent the pre-OS menu on your computer as much as the actual software, but your system may still be UEFI capable.
To avoid confusion, this guide uses the term firmware when describing interactions with BIOS or UEFI menus.
Identifying a UEFI system

Be Consistent!

Be consistent with your booting methods when using multiple operating systems. If Windows is installed with UEFI, do not install Fedora in legacy BIOS compatibility mode. Installing all of your operating systems as either UEFI or BIOS booting will ensure that you can boot them all.