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8.2. Booting on Windows Systems

8.2.1. Windows EFI Partition Files

Microsoft uses bootmgr.efi and bootmgrfw.efi as Boot Managers. bootmgr.efi is the 32 bit version and bootmgrfw.efi is the 64 bit version. Both of these files are located in the root directory of the Microsoft-created EFI partition (usually found at /dev/sda1). For EFI compatibility, they are both located at /EFI/Microsoft/Boot/ as well.
Other files found within the /EFI/Microsoft/Boot directory structure are the BCD (a registry formatted configuration file), sub-directories for language files, a memory test efi application, and the BCD log files. The BOOTSTAT.DAT file is used to flag whether a recovery mode is required.
If you need to restore these files to your EFI System Partition, you can find a copy in C:\Windows\System32\Boot.